Seen on my street….

Once in a while I see people (no, not dead ones) that catch my eye because they do something that annoys me, moves me or astonishes me. I try to imprint it in my memory and draw it at home. I call these drawings Munich Elegies.

This is a pair of mother and son. Their hair differs in colour, mother gray and the son brown. Both tilted their heads in the same angle. But their ponytails had the same length and the form of their heads and their likeness stroke me.  So, is this worth noticing? I think so. When a mother and son have the same hairdo, I start to wonder is he the only child, does he have a girlfriend, what kind of a mother is she?

Oh, and the combination of walking sticks and skirt and blouse hints to a countenance that does not really care about fastchanging manners and styles.




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