A GROSS STORY (Eine krasse Geschichte)


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This is the first story I did for the next Mythos Mutti Comicbook (Myth of Mum, sort of like this, hard to translate). Look at it. My husband says this story is too severe to make a funny out of it. But it really happened to me like that ( my sons did not get hurt) and it is the embarrasment and shame you feel, so you would not tell not anybody about a incident like that. A couple of weeks ago I saw this happening to a dad and I remembered.

So judge for yourself and let me know!

Hallo, jetzt auch in Muttis Sprache. Ich habe mich entschlossen Mythos Mutti weiterlaufen zu lassen: Vorab im Internet. Mein Mann findet die Geschichte zu krass,  um sie zu erzählen, aber meine Mission ist es ja, auch von den peinlichen und beschämdenen Ereignissen zu erzählen. Was meint ihr? Schaut es euch an und lasst mich eure Meinung hören, danke!

Click on image you get to flickr.com where can browse through the Mythos Mutti set.



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