Pixie Books

My parents-in-law found some Pixie Books ( in German Pixi Bücher ) from the sixties in their attic.  These are tiny books maybe 15 cm length with maybe about 10 pages with short stories of cute animals or children having bithday or going on a little excursion. They were first printed in USA and Canada and from the late fifties in Germany as well. The pages I show you are the excerpts from a story originally written and illustrated in America and translated into German. The page with that little girl lying on the floor has the text on the other page that says:  ” One day I am going to be a dancer, a bride and mum with a cute little baby like my little baby brother”.

There are still Pixi Bücher (pixi books) in Germany, they are very popular. But they do not try to brainwash  little girls in that discriminatory way any more.

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