Daycare or Die Kinderkrippe

Mythos Mutti: This time it is about the pain of guilt I felt when I inscribed my son in daycare when he was about a year. Oh, the ravens allude  to a german saying. Bad or just incapable mothers are called Ravenmothers. I guess it originates in the assumption that female raven abandon their offspring very early. I don´t know if thats true and I DON`T GIVE A …..


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2 Responses to “Daycare or Die Kinderkrippe”

  1. Gast Says:

    Wenn du doch auch aus München kommst, und deine Cartoons
    sind in deutscher Sprache, was soll dann das Englisch?

  2. munichblues Says:

    Weil es Spass macht! 🙂

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