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Lautes Nachdenken über die bayrische Landtagswahl

November 16, 2018



What a hunk…

November 16, 2009

…is the german minister for defence. He is an aristocrat with a long title, a castle and an aristocratic composure. His style, his assertivness and the home stories in a couple of glossy magazines enchanted us oridinary people.  His fellow politicians from the CDU know why they elevated him from the last row into the limelight of the political stage in these dull times.

I am getting a little lazy with the english versions lately. What they are saying  is about this: “Let thy light come upon me”, says the kneeling guy (Christian Wulff) The Minister of Defence Count von und zu Guttenberg says that it seems to be a war in Afghanistan. Mrs. Merkel feels blinded by his shine and clearsightedness.

Angela Merkel in Wonderland

October 6, 2009


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So, it seems our lady-chancellor Angela Merkel is not as happy with her coalition with the neocon FDP (liberal party of Germany) as she thought she would be. Does she feel tricked into eating the wrong cupcake?

The two leaders ( Franz Müntefering an Frank-Walter Steinmeier) of the succumbed party have no time left. They take their leave and their responsibilty. Will it be enough?

Now come the good times…

September 30, 2009

sign of the timesThe neocon party (here you see its leader Guido Westerwelle) and the christian conservative party have won the german election. I do not know why people vote for exactly the ones who got them into the mess???

“Se Kanzlerduell” (TV Debate) in Germany

September 14, 2009


spindoctors Kopie

I really would like to know how the candidates for the TV Debate are prepared. Is Karl Lagerfeld part of the “Glam Squad”, does Sabine Christiansen give Make up tips?

Yesterday the german public experienced a  TV debate between the chancelor Angela Merkel and her opponent Frank-Walter Steinmeier in preparation for the Bundestagswahl (election of the german House of Representatives) . These debates are an import from US-american political campaigns to spice up german politics.
This is the third time in German TV-history, as far as I remember, that we have to suffer through one of these socalled duells.
It was not really a fight or a duell, very civil and calm. I actually liked that, but the Interviewers (4 of them) got so bored that one feared they would start throwing spitballs at each other.
I hope that in course of time the broadcasting stations will masters this format. I will stand by and give my support by switching on and watch despite the suffering.