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Nice video

December 26, 2009

Look what a sketchbook could be to you


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

December 25, 2009

Ein bisschen Frieden “A bit of peace”

December 23, 2009

ein bisschen frieden seite 1

Originally uploaded by die Heldin

A new Mythos Mutti Story. Sorry that its not translated. Please comment!

My sons first comic story…

December 21, 2009

…it is something with him as a baby in a pram and his dad an me. I am migthy proud.


December 16, 2009

Sorry, I am ill and sick of the christmas insanity that is going on. No more Lebkuchen (ginger bread), hand me the Glühwein (hot spiced wine).

Just a  tiny super rough sketch for my new book.

Santa Claus…

December 6, 2009

These three little Santas or Nikoläuse have been our companions for the last four years. I made them these years ago just for fun. Now I couldn´t imagine christmas time without them.

Exhibition in january….

December 4, 2009


I am going to exibit the first half of my new book “Mythos Mutti II” in Neukölln / Berlin.  Stories about the life with a child. Which isn´t cute at all a lot of times but brings one close  to the  point of total despair. But strangely enough ones body let´s one forget all the bad stuff (not the traumatizing events ). I did write some incidents down otherwise my memory would be totally sugarcoated.

There is a mistake in the text: The myspace adress of the musician is