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Now come the good times…

September 30, 2009

sign of the timesThe neocon party (here you see its leader Guido Westerwelle) and the christian conservative party have won the german election. I do not know why people vote for exactly the ones who got them into the mess???


Monster in Munich

September 24, 2009

Look what species I encountered the other day…monster in underground

The Vice of Eating

September 18, 2009

reduced guiltOne last little thing from my trip.

Americans have a liking of the feeling of guilt. At least that’s the impression I had. And especially if it concerns food and indulgence. Is that because they are all lutheran, baptists, evangelicals and that sort of thing and they never had the cleansing facility of a good ol´catholic confession?

I saw a sign in the streets that said “Control your calories. Eat less!” It is all about control one gets the feeling. Control whatever animal drive tries to trick you into indulging. But I discovered the food industry has a remedy.

Get absolution while you are eating! Especially for me as an ex-catholic a tempting possibility to get rid of all smut that I have piled up in all those godless years. Here is the nourishment that helps to lessen my burden.

Pimp my candidate

September 16, 2009

pimpmycandidateAfter doing it to the conservative candidate Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is Frank-Walter Steinmeier the challenger from the SPD and some well-meaning persons who try to jazz up his appearance. Will it work?

 Oh that snarling puppy is boss of the very left Mr.Lafontaine who promises people on the billboards:”Riches for all!”  Thats sounds promising, doesn´t it?

New York continued….

September 15, 2009

As promised more of my trip abroad. I love New York, I love Brooklyn and I save up for my next trip there because, as characters in sleazy american TV shows would put it: NEW YORK rocks!

This was Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Thats the neighbourhood where the chassidic jews live. I liked the sign that advertises the  hats. I felt pretty “feltly” myself, because it is weird to wander around to do some jew watching because in your own country are hardly any of them left because they were killed or fled.



This was my room. I liked it very much.



A thing one should do in his lifetime is to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on hot August evening.  Even the goofy tourists who get yelled at by rude cyclists because they stumble on the bikelane do not spoil the experience.



This was the House in Brooklyn where I stayed. It was built around the middle of the 19th century. Cute little house with a nice cosy garden in the back.


“Se Kanzlerduell” (TV Debate) in Germany

September 14, 2009


spindoctors Kopie

I really would like to know how the candidates for the TV Debate are prepared. Is Karl Lagerfeld part of the “Glam Squad”, does Sabine Christiansen give Make up tips?

Yesterday the german public experienced a  TV debate between the chancelor Angela Merkel and her opponent Frank-Walter Steinmeier in preparation for the Bundestagswahl (election of the german House of Representatives) . These debates are an import from US-american political campaigns to spice up german politics.
This is the third time in German TV-history, as far as I remember, that we have to suffer through one of these socalled duells.
It was not really a fight or a duell, very civil and calm. I actually liked that, but the Interviewers (4 of them) got so bored that one feared they would start throwing spitballs at each other.
I hope that in course of time the broadcasting stations will masters this format. I will stand by and give my support by switching on and watch despite the suffering.

Seen on my street….

September 12, 2009

Once in a while I see people (no, not dead ones) that catch my eye because they do something that annoys me, moves me or astonishes me. I try to imprint it in my memory and draw it at home. I call these drawings Munich Elegies.

This is a pair of mother and son. Their hair differs in colour, mother gray and the son brown. Both tilted their heads in the same angle. But their ponytails had the same length and the form of their heads and their likeness stroke me.  So, is this worth noticing? I think so. When a mother and son have the same hairdo, I start to wonder is he the only child, does he have a girlfriend, what kind of a mother is she?

Oh, and the combination of walking sticks and skirt and blouse hints to a countenance that does not really care about fastchanging manners and styles.


Under the Brooklyn Bridge

September 7, 2009



Between 18-25th of August I was in New York. One of the coolest things I did was watching a movie at a little park close to the Brooklyn Bridge underneath the open sky. I was sorry I couldn´t take a picture to preserve that atmosphere. Fortunately I bought the New Yorker Magazine the next day and there was  this Illustration of it on the cover drawn by Adrian Tomine( a asian-american Illustrator). That´s a  coincidence, isn´t it .

I smuggled myself in the picture. I know, it is not really hard to detect me.

There is more to come about my trip to NY.

Hi there….

September 4, 2009

this is the first entry.  I load up a drawing I did for a friend who is running for a seat in the Bundestag. Check out her blog

Good luck, Annette!!annette_wants_you